Locked Out? Lost Your Car Keys?, Interested to know How To Pick A Lock or How To Change A Lock ?

How to unlock a bedroom / bathroom lock?

Locked out of our house? locked out of a bedroom or bathroom?

Most of us have been locked out before 

Watch the video for some tips, if it didn’t work here are some basic  recommendations:

  • Relax.
  • Don’t panic.
  • Call B&B Locksmith : 4154230182  /  9252663393



A guide written by automobile specialist

Lost your car keys? Yep it happens to almost all of us at least once. Loosing your car keys is always unpleasant and sometimes it’s nerve wracking. Don’t worry and don’t panic it just makes you more nervous and unfortunately will not bring your keys back. There is a solution to this issue and it’s not that complicated as you might think.

So what do you do next?

It depends. If you have an extra key at home, ask somebody to bring it, then on your free time call a locksmith service to make you a second copy for your key. HAVE MORE THAN ONE CAR KEY COPY. If next time you loose your only car key copy and it is a transporter key ( with the chip inside ) you’ll need to create from scratch and program a new key into your system. What does it mean for you? It means that a car key specialist (locksmith who specializes on cars) will need to reprogram your whole key system which is going to cost you much more $$$ then a single copy. Thinking in advance is the key to this problem 🙂 So in terms of saving some money it’s better for you to pay a little bit $ now then paying more $$ later.

If you lost a single car key and you do not have another copy or its not available to you, you should follow the next steps:

      • 1. calling a locksmith – when calling a locksmith make sure that you ask to speak with an automobile specialist (there are a lot of non professionals out there, be sure that you are taking care by a locksmith who specializes in automobiles AND LICENSED ) !!!
      • 2. Giving the automobile specialist the following information about your car and answering these questions:

    Car make&model Year Do you have the same keys for the door lock & the ignition or you have two separate keys? Do you have a remote for your car?

    • 3. Making sure that you have your car registration and your license available.
    • 4. Setting an appointment when its convenient for you.

When you lose your car key its not the worst thing so don’t worry there is a solution and it’s reachable for you!

Hope i could help you with some good general information, you are welcome to call and ask more information anytime.

Alex Berger

CEO & founder of B&B Locksmith .

4154230182  /  9252663393

Do not duplicate keys

What is the best thing to do when you can’t find your keys?

Call a Locksmith! You don’t have to call a dealership, it’ll be faster and probably cheaper to call locksmith services who specializes on cars. Be sure to check prices on car key copies, key reprogramming, ignition repair and more…

What is the best thing to do when you got locked out of your home or a car?

Call a mobile locksmith service! In most cases mobile locksmith can get to you within half an hour or so and unlock your door.

What is the best thing to do when you broke your keys inside the lock?

Whether it’s your house or it is your car, do not touch it without proper tools, you will make it worse. Call a Locksmith ,let the professional do the job. If you will damage the lock it will eventually cost you much more than a fix.

What is the best thing to do when your keys were stolen? ( car or a house keys ) ..

Call a locksmith ! Locksmith can Rekey your house locks without changing the locks and make sure the other keys wouldn’t work. If it’s a car, then a locksmith can reprogram the car and make sure the old key won’t work and also he can rekey the locks in your car.

Which Locksmith should I call?? (“There are so many out there”) …. Call the one who has a valid license ,who is bonded & insured and preferably has a contractor license. Make sure to check all that on the phone and in some cases ask for a proof. Remember that locksmiths without contractor license cannot charge you more than $500 – it is illegal in a state of California. If you got a commercial project, you want to hire a locksmith who has a contractor license who is aware of all the laws and codes such as fire code, building code or ADA codes. Remember : you must follow them based on the law in the state of California.


Always verify a license , here is a link where you can check it:

There are many scammers out there make sure you are choosing wisely and not being overcharged. Choosing a reliable locksmith is on you!

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